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Building confidence in the future

Soif-Horizons is on a mission to activate foresight in new places. Working with start-ups and corporates, governments and activists we will help improve lives and build better futures.


We are…

Soif-Horizons – spun out of SOIF (School of International Futures). We bring a new, active dimension to foresight, while maintaining continuity with sixty years of discipline and practice. Our starting-points are:

  • Scanning at the boundary of disruption/renewal
  • Research to tackle global challenges, set agendas and improve lives
  • Technology in the service of prosperity and wellbeing
  • Tactical, execution-focused, start-up mentality
  • Build confidence in the future

A mission…

Soif-Horizons connects with other disciplines and leading-edge practice, scanning for disruptions and sources of renewal. We support the development of visions for industry sectors, regions and countries, in which the widest group participates and from which all benefit. We see in technology the potential to increase prosperity and wellbeing, but are alert to downsides for people and the planet we live on.

… based on solid foundations

Soif-Horizons has been spun out of SOIF – School of International Futures – a reference in the field of foresight advocacy and capacity-building with its programme of annual retreats and advisory work.